It’s a Sunday today, so I’ve been to church as usual.  I started out by taking a class of lads (aging from 12-18) for the first 50 mins, and teaching them about “tithing”.  Yes, we contribute through tithes (10% of our earnings and increase) in our church!

Then, after a 10 min break, I took my second class – an adult class – and I taught them some important basic doctrines of the church.  We also took the majority of the time to go through a summarised history of Christianity, and how the many churches came into being (e.g. Methodists, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses…).  This adult class is for newer members of our church, so we cover basic teachings.  Was a good lesson, and from what I gather, those in attendance both enjoyed it and increased their awareness of other churches.

On that note, I’d like to state that I have an awful lot of respect for other churches!  Though I do not agree with all their teachings (of course not, otherwise I’d be worshipping with them, rather than the church I attend), I greatly appreciate the many good works that they and their congregations do. 

I then left our main church service half way through, and headed down to the south of our island.  I wouldn’t normally leave church early… and I wouldn’t normally take part in what I’m about to tell you, but it is a one-off event, and we are taking part through my place of work.

So what is it? >> Hockey!  I don’t usually ‘play’ Hockey, in fact I hadn’t played since my school days, until this ‘Hockey Business League’ began recently.  Was a great game, and most importantly… we won! Get in! 3-0 in fact.

That basically concludes the league stages.. and having played 4 games, we drew our opener, and won the other 3! So 7 points out of the possible 9.   Very impressed, as most of our team are ‘amateurs’ like myself.

Have to say, I’ve really enjoyed playing the hockey and I’m interested now in perhaps playing more regularly – sign me up!