Happy days! Another year older…

What to do to celebrate my big day? – well, go to work it seems!  A very usual day, but interrupted with the cakes and pasty I have provided (by way of purchase not my own cooking/baking) to my colleagues in our office. 

Of course, I don’t tend to get excited for my birthday’s now – not quite the big occasions they used to be as a child! 

My 4 year old son is continually telling me what he is going to get for his next birthday.  His birthday was only 3 Months ago!! He says “Daddy, for my birthday.. I’m going to get a Harry Potter lego.  And a Joker lego (batman).  Only those two.  Just the men.  I don’t want the bricks”.  (For his birthday, we bought him spiderman lego – just the man! not the bricks! haha).  I keep telling him, it’s not his birthday for a long time yet, but when it is, he may be lucky… but we shall see!  Then he starts asking about Father Christmas “he’s taking a long time making all those toys, when is he coming??..” but that’s another story!!

For me, I don’t tend to have a ‘birthday wish list’.  Maybe I’ll get myself the new Liverpool Shirt… ? 

Regardless, I’ll enjoy my day! I have my two boys and my wife.. and that is happiness for me.  Come saturday, we’ll have the whole family around and celebrate! I had envisioned a great day – watching ‘Cars 2’ at the cinema (my boys absolutely LOVE the first Cars movie) – and now that has all fallen flat.  Our fantastic cinema (we only have 2 on the island… small ones!) decided that after showing the film for about 2 weeks (during afternoons only) they would end that one today.  Now I have a struggle of planning what we can actually do instead….