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This is the second dj mix that I am sharing through my blog – and this one is quite special!  This is an exclusive ‘Christian Worship’ trance dj mix.  

As a Christian (see my ‘church’ page) and a DJ (see my ‘dj dan’ page) who is very heavily into Trance,  I am very happy to be able to combine these two interests! 

The mix is 65 mins long, and most tracks will be recognisable to a Christian – the majority are gospel songs – but here they have been remixed to a dance beat

The Tracklist:

  1. Matt Redman – Blessed be your name (Triple D Remix)
  2. Chris Tomlin – God of Wonders (Ex-Cito Remake)
  3. Michael W Smith – Let it Rain (Tresice Remix)
  4. Noel Sanger feat Dauby – My Prayer (Probspot Remix)
  5. Tenth Ave North – Hold My Heart (Ziggybeats Remix)
  6. Jessica – Love of the Father (Graphite 412 Remix)
  7. Dj Jireh – He’s gonna rock this place (Original Mix)
  8. Matthew J Bentley – Lead me to the cross (Original Mix)
  9. Alejandro Cesar – Leviticus 14 (Original mix)
  10. Francesca Battistelli – Time in Between (Ziggybeats Remix)
  11. Phillip’s, Craig and Dean – Revelation Song (Ziggybeats Remix)

I uploaded this mix to GodsDjs and it has been downloaded nearly 100 times.

Take a listen here (online stream): www.tempoplus.com/player/3973

and download a copy for your own enjoyment: www.tempoplus.com/mix/3973

 (to Download… right click on “download”, and then click “save target as”)

I dj for fun.  I love it.  I share so that you can enjoy it! The mixing is not perfect in this one.. but it is generally very good. 

Enjoy, and please let me have your comments/review.