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I always enjoy the weekend!  A feeling that I share with many, many other people.. the majority.. unless you work at the weekend perhaps!

The weekend = time at home/ time with my family. 

My oldest boy aged 4 is often asking me when I’m staying home… he’s quite familiar with my normal routine of ‘going to work’, though he has no real awareness of time.  Sometimes he will phone me whilst I’m at work and say “Daddy, when are you coming home?” and I’ll say “in a few minutes!” yet the real answer may be, 6 or 7 hours! But if I say that, he’ll get quite frustrated!! He’s always content with “a few minutes”, as he doesn’t recognise how long the day has gone before I return again. 

It is nice then to be able to return home; and on entering the house,  both my boys run to me to give me a hug.  Come the weekend, I’m happy to be able to say “today, I’m staying home!”.

Although my birthday was on Thursday, we chose to celebrate it on the Saturday.  I mentioned in my ‘birthday’ post below, that I was disappointed to see that our local cinema had ended the showing of Cars 2.  Well, when I checked the ‘current screenings’ on the Friday, I was delighted to see that they had added Cars 2 on again! (perhaps they read my blog…?)

So, come Saturday, we went (as an extended family) to watch the film.  With both my boys heavily into the first Cars movie (yes, they can quote great lengths of the film) I am very familiar with the storyline too.  I quite like the film! – though having watched it as many times as I have, I tend to avoid watching it all in one go!  Cars 2 is a pretty good continuation to the theme.  It puts a very different take on it all, and it is a film that I am sure they would be happy to watch again and again.  I would ignore the film critics, and say this is another good film.  Probably not quite as good as the first, but near enough there! 

Following the film, the family came around to our house and we enjoyed a BBQ and some lovely homemade birthday cake made by my wife.  All in all, an enjoyable day spent with family.

So that’s me… 28 years old now!

A good life I’ve enjoyed… and hopefully many more happy years to come.