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I’m not sure exactly where this idea comes from – though I imagine some of the reasons may be confusion regarding the church’s use of the “Book of Mormon” or perhaps even the other misconception that ‘Mormons are not Christian’ (and probably don’t therefore use the Bible!) – I will address these issues in another posting.

However, unfortunately the case remains that many Christians have been wrongly informed or wrongly suppose that Mormons do not use the Bible.  I have personally heard this one being said, and also come across individuals who were surprised that I actually read the Bible!  I have therefore selected this topic as the first myth (or misunderstanding) to correct through this blog.

For the record, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (nicknamed Mormons) do accept, read and make use of the Bible – in its entirety!  We accept the Old Testament and the New Testament.  We accept them as scripture.  The word of God – given to us through his prophets and apostles.

The Church officially prefers the King James Version.  This is the English translation used throughout the church, and members of the church are encouraged to use it as their own preferred version too.  That said, it is not ‘required’ that a member of the church should use any particular translation of the Bible, and we would acknowledge that in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to ‘understand’ the old English style wording of the King James translation.  For simplicity (and because I know many Christians prefer this version), I often quote from the ‘New International Version’ of the Bible when discussing scripture online.

The Bible is the founding scripture of Christianity.  Why would we not accept it? 

It is used in our church in the same way it would be used in any other.  Our church leaders regularly quote from the Bible in talks/sermons that are published throughout the church.  We have additional ‘study group’ classes for members of the church that will take one year to study the Old Testament, and the next year the New Testament and so forth.  We do not ‘limit its use’ in the church.  We encourage it.

We do not view the Bible to be “perfect” in terms of its translation and reproduction to the form that we have it in today.  We recognise that through time, there have been some minor errors.  Indeed, there are sadly contradictions in the Bible text – after all – those who wrote it and subsequently translated it were human.  However, in spite of human errors, the Bible is the word of God.

To conclude and emphasise, Mormons do accept the Bible.  It is scripture.  It is the word of God.  We study it; use it in all church meetings as relevant, and value it highly.

Do not be mistaken. Do not believe the claim that Mormons do not use the Bible.  Sadly, a major misunderstanding held by many Christians.