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GX Assist

GX Assist

I set out in my very first blog entry that I would take the opportunity to blog about essential oils… and so here we go!

I have set out my connection with dōTERRA’s essential oil products through my ‘essential oils’ page, and I said there that despite having a monetary interest in the products (I retail them), I wouldn’t be afraid to give a genuine and honest review – even if that means acknowledging any negatives.   I’ve read many other dōTERRA blogs on the net where quite unsurprisingly, the products are presented as being 100% perfect in every way (!!) and whilst I would love that to be true, I certainly don’t expect it!

The thing to realise with essential oils (like any medicinal treatments), is that everyone’s body will respond in a different way, albeit along similar lines.  Although one person may have a fantastic and incredibly positive experience, another person may not be so fortunate and – despite seeing some positives – may just not get the same response!  That’s the reality with all such health treatments.   Hopefully I’ll be lucky????

GX Assist

Right, so onto the GX Assist then! What is it?

Primarily, it is a blend of essential oils: Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Thyme! In fact, the “supplement facts” on the container state that there is 195 mg of these essential oils within each capsule, and in addition, there is also 75 mg of ‘Caprylic Acid’ (known for its health supporting properties in the gut).

These essential oils have been chosen for their in-vitro antimicrobial properties, and together they create an unfriendly environment for potentially harmful pathogens.  Or in other words, they help cleanse your gut from the inside by killing harmful bacteria!

Toxins within the digestive system are said to be a contributory factor to a range of health problems.  GX Assist is designed to counter this by cleaning out the bacteria and generating a healthy digestive system instead.  Sounds great!

I’m not an expert on all things bio… but I’ve seen a few webinar’s on this particular topic, and I agree with the general idea – it makes sense.  If your body is full of toxins, and you are ‘bad’ on the inside, it’s bound to have a negative effect on the overall operation of the body.  In my own particular case – I suffer from eczema – it is well know that the outer imperfections of the skin are a manifestation of what’s going on within!

The Treatment….

The directions are: “Take 1 to 3 softgells a day with meals for 10 days“.

After the ‘GX Assist’ (the cleanse) you are directed to follow on with ‘PB Assist’ (the renewal), another dōTERRA product that provides a mixture of probiotic microorganisms, to support healthy digestive functions and immunities.

My intention is to provide a brief update as I go through the treatment to report on whether I have noticed any improvements with my eczema – or any other health benefits for that matter! Fingers crossed….!!!

For more information on the dōTERRA product range, and general guidance on the individual essential oils and their benefits, please take a look through the following site: www.essentialoils.im

Also.. should you have any queries or comments, feel free to join in below! – you know how!!

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