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I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that I would be testing out a couple of doTERRA essential oil products, and had begun taking doTERRA’s “GX Assist” in an attempt to clear my eczema by cleansing from within.  I’m naturally fairly sceptical that I will encounter the same success with this product that has been claimed by many users.. though of course I’m hoping for positive results.  I will update matters relating to GX Assist separately.

However, I am writing this blog entry to report on an essential oil that has shocked me – because so far it has worked amazingly well – and that is doTERRA’s “Citrus Limon” (lemon) essential oil – specifically, the positive effect I have found in drinking  water with a couple of drops of this essential oil added to it.

Lemon Water

For people like me who suffer from eczema, having dry skin is a very common symptom.  Personally, it is my hands that suffer the most from this problem – they are constantly ‘dry’.  I don’t tend to drink a lot of water (I don’t particularly like the taste!) but I have in the past set out with a determination to drink a lot of water within a particular day (e.g. 2 litres) to see if it will help counter the dryness of my skin.  I found that whilst drinking say 2 litres+ of water naturally helps a little, no particular amount of water actually overcame the problem.  My skin would remain dry.  Moisturisers have little ‘lasting’ effect either.

When I recently began to take the GX Assist, it was suggested to me that I also start adding a couple of drops of the doTERRA lemon essential oil to my water.  I was told that the lemon oil would help clean out the toxins from my body and work in sync with the GX Assist.  After drinking just a couple of glasses of water (with a couple of drops of lemon oil in each), I noticed a surprising, immediate effect on my skin.  My hands (that are normally dry) became soft! They were actually moisturized.

I thought at first that this must be by chance.  Perhaps my body is just going through a phase… maybe the skin is just temporarily looking better by chance?  Nope!  I’ve now been drinking the lemon oil for 5 days and my skin has remained soft and appears (and feels) moisturized.  My hands have no dryness at all.  I am amazed at the difference in my skin from just adding a couple of drops of lemon oil to water.

I didn’t start adding the lemon oil to my water to help treat dry skin.  I hadn’t realised that the lemon oil would do that, and so I am genuinely surprised.  Very happy now of course, and so I thought I’d share my experience with you.  If you tend to have dry skin like me, perhaps you can give it a try too.

For further information, take a look at my essential oils page within this blog.