PB Assist

Okay, so I’ve completed the 10 day course of the GX Assist.  As explained previously, the GX Assist is a blend of essential oils to target ‘toxins’ within the body, and designed to clean you out from within.  The recommendation was to take 3 capsules for 10 days.  Part 1 complete!! The PB Assist is designed to naturally follow on and rebuild the immune system with ‘good’ bacteria, instead of the bad bacteria that the GX Assist destroyed.  Sounds simple!

I hadn’t explained in my previous posting (because I wanted to keep it relatively short..ish) that this is the second time I am going through the ‘cleanse’ (GX Assist + PB Assist).  What happened the first time? It nearly killed me.  Okay, that’s an over exaggeration!! But it wasn’t nice.

What happened? Well, as explained in the previous post, I have eczema.  When taking the GX Assist, the eczema intensified incredibly, and became real bad.  I ended up having to take antibiotics and steroids (as prescribed by my GP) to clean me up – the eczema had become infected.  Wow.  So why am I telling you this? Because as I say, my reviews will be open and honest.. and I’m keeping to my word!

Now let me explain why I think the eczema reacted like that.  The simple reason is its supposed to.  Yikes! It’s supposed to get worse? Well no, but as the body cleanses from within (especially with conditions like eczema), it is common for the condition to intensify as part of the process of it getting better.  This is the understanding of Chinese medicines too.

Now that I’ve completed a second course of the GX Assist, I can say there was a huge difference in how the eczema reacted.  This time, I experienced a very minimal reaction, which for me, is far more enjoyable (and bearable!).  I did have reservations before taking this second course, as I was saying to myself, ‘the first time was so bad, do I want to go through that again??’.

As I consider possible reasons as to why the eczema responded so differently, there are a couple of points that come to mind:

  1. When I began taking the GX Assist the first time around, I was already going through an ‘outbreak’ of eczema.  For people who have eczema, it is common for the condition to intensify in ‘phases’ which are often quite random! What I mean is, sometimes it can be manageable for a while, and all of a sudden, it will go through an ‘outbreak’ where it will literally break out throughout the body. This generally happens for a time, and it will calm down again.  I think perhaps the cleansing process of the GX Assist combined with this outbreak of eczema to make it a lot worse! Yes.. it was a lovely experience!!
  2. doTERRA have changed the dosage levels of the GX Assist, and with this second course, each capsule contained nearly half the amount of the essential oils.  They actually changed the dosage to lessen the intensity of the cleanse.. so it would be more manageable.  Perhaps they had heard of cases like mine? Anyway, it meant that for this second course, the body was cleansing less… and so perhaps that also contributed to this course being far more manageable this time.
  3. If not for the first two points, it could also be that things are improving within! I hope so, and I believe that all three are combining factors.

So with the PB Assist, I am now adding a high dosage of probiotic to my immune system – which is the more enjoyable stage of the course.   I say that because, having taken the GX Assist the eczema intensifies.. and then the PB Assist helps to clean that up, and generally improve conditions within the body.  Destroy and Build.  Destroy and Build.  With each course, things are said to get better and better.  Hopefully I will find that to be true!

Primary Benefits of PB Assist:

  • Supports healthy digestive functions and immunities while creating an unfavorable environment for unhealthy bacteria, yeast, and other harmful microorganisms
  • Helps boost GI immunities to prevent digestive infections such as traveler’s diarrhea
  • Helps manage the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Helps support optimal absorption of food nutrients and energy metabolism
  • Helps support healthy skin conditions (yay for me then!)

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day for 5 days.  So in total, the cleanse is: 10 days GX Assist (30 capsules) followed by 5 days PB Assist (15 capsules).  Each tub of the capsules come with double the amount required, thus enabling you to go through the cleanse twice (like me).

As I explained within my essential oils page, I am testing doTERRA products on myself, where they would be relevant to me.  I retail their products, but I am not afraid to give open and honest reviews of them.  At least this way, you can be sure that when I tell you something has worked.. it really has. An example of this is the Lemon oil that I have been adding to my drinking water – that really works! (and hopefully with time, I will discover that the combined GX Assist and PB Assist cleanse works too).