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Right, so it’s been a while since I last shared my experience with doTERRA’s “GX Assist”, and the simple reason for that is, it has been a while since I took the ‘course’.

However, having seen that my blog is (for some reason unbeknown to me!) very popular for readers interested in the topic (it ranks from the 2nd to 3rd site on Google for the search term “GX Assist”), it’s about time that I offer my readers a little more info!

Why the delay since my last course of GX Assist?

I think it’s fair to say I have been cagey. A bit wary! If you have read my earlier blog entry, you will be aware that it didn’t go too well for me in the past. The eczema became worse. You will also be aware that I have given my thoughts on why that might have been, and that in actual fact, it’s not a “bad thing” overall for the condition to worsen before it gets better.

Over the last 6 months or so, my eczema has been up and down. Some times have unfortunately been very bad, and when the eczema is going through a flare up, it’s not a good time to spice things up even more by taking the GX Assist. I found that out!!

I had to find a “safe” time to try taking the GX Assist again, and I am happy to report that over the last month, the opportunity arose, and I took another course of GX Assist. That is my 3rd round!

How did it go?

Surprisingly, it appears to have gone well. I said I was cagey, and indeed, after day 2 of the course, I was just waiting for a flare up! This time around however, the flare up never came, and things appear to have gone smoothly.

I should say that this time around, I played it safe. In the ideal world, I would not have to take any of my steroid creams, and perhaps one day, that will be my reality.. however, at the moment, I continue to use them as and when required.

The first time I tried GX Assist, I thought I’d go in full throttle and deny myself from using any prescribed medications. Not wanting to experience those awful days however, I now ensure that I will continue to use the cream while taking the GX Assist.

Overall though, I can honestly say that things went well (I’d tell you if things were bad again). There was little noticeable reaction with the eczema. In my opinion, that may be an indication that things are a little better on the inside than they were many months ago! I’m eager to try the GX Assist for a 4th time, and see if the results are equally positive.


My intention is always to be accurate with my information and truly honest!! With that in mind, I feel I should mention that by the 9th day of taking the GX Assist (it is a 10 day course, with 3 capsules per day), I became unwell. I came down with a fever, and that lasted for 2 days.

Because of the fever, I stopped taking the GX Assist with one day (dose) remaining.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, the GX Assist did not cause the fever – I certainly had no such experience on my previous two occasions – however, I mention it here in case there was some link, so you too can be aware. I am unable to determine whether there was a link or not – though I do not think there was.

It is possible, that with the body detoxing, that perhaps the immune system was lower, and I was more susceptible to illness. I mention this only as a caution in case you are considering whether or not to try the GX Assist for yourself.

PB Assist +

Following the 9th day of the GX Assist, I immediately followed on with the PB Assist.   This is the next step in the process of cleansing and renewing the body from within, and, I was also eager to enable the body to receive a boost to its immune system.

Each dose of the “PB Assist +” delivers 15 billion colony forming units of active probiotic cultures.. so I thought that they would be well appreciated by my body undergoing attack!

I have explained the purpose of the PB Assist + here.


Third time trying, this course of GX Assist and PB Assist + has gone down well. No noticeable problems (albeit I became unwell… which I think was coincidental!) with the eczema, and this time, I am looking forward to trying it again, which will be my fourth time!!

It is not unusual for someone to have to take the course a number of times. In theory, with eczema, there is a lot of bad stuff on the inside that needs cleaning.. and each course of GX Assist cleans some. Of course, it’s not exactly possible for me to take a look inside and see how much is left to clean!!

Just hoping the signs are good…?!