This is a new concept for me.. writing about weight and weight loss! Not to boast or to annoy any of you who may be striving to lose weight, but for the record, I weigh 10 Stone – just about. That’s a pretty poor showing for a man, and in the past I’ve actually tried to put weight on (with whey protein shakes and more) but it never really worked out. My problem is trying to put weight on! – not trying to lose weight.

My wife on the other hand is on the other side of the scale. When I married her, she was 9 stone. However, some 6 years and 3 children later, her weight has jumped up to close to 17 stone – and she is now determined to lose it again!

All our children have been born through caesarean section and my wife faced gestational diabetes throughout her pregnancies. With that, she was insulin dependent.

After the birth of our second son, the cut from the caesarean section became infected. My wife then faced 6 months of pain and discomfort (whilst taking courses of antibiotics – none of which worked) before they brought her into hospital again and re-operated through which they were able to clean out the wound, and stitch it up properly this time.

Unfortunately of course, this meant that her body would have to try to heal again, and that delayed the opportunity for her body to get back to normal. My wife was naturally wary about her mobility (especially exercise) as she wanted to be sure that the wound did not become infected again.

A further spanner in the works came just under a year later, when my wife was struck down with tuberculous meningitis. [I have detailed her amazing recovery from this life threatening illness here.]

As part of the treatment for this disease, my wife had to take an intensive course of steroids, which consequently built a significant amount of weight onto her body!!   Part of the price of survival though!

My wife completed her treatments, and she made a 100% recovery.. and then jump forward one year, and she gave birth to our third son!

So, all in all, I think my wife has plenty of reasons for the weight that she currently is. Three children later, and having survived tuberculous meningitis… we have accepted it as a necessary price to pay. However, now my wife is determined to try to lose the weight, and I will strive to record her efforts here in this blog.

We will of course try and see if we can find success through doTERRA! There are plenty of success stories, and my Mother has her own that she loves to share! In my opinion though, not everyone can find great success, as each person’s body is different. Some people find it difficult to shed the pounds – irrespective of their efforts – so we shall see what happens! I’m also told that steroid-induced weight is stubborn! (haha) so I’m not expecting great results quickly.

As always, I will give a completely honest review! If there is no success, I will say it! If there is success, I will shout it!!