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Wednesday 13th was the final day of the first week since my wife began her effort to lose weight, and yesterday morning she weighed in. Hoorah! Last Thursday morning she was 16.5 stone (231 lbs) however after week 1, she is now 226 lbs – so down by 5 lbs!


Hopefully.  With only one week, it’s hard to say whether her loss of 5 lbs was down to beginner’s luck.. or if her body actually responded to her efforts and has reduced in weight because of it.  At least the signs are good, and we look forward to seeing the results at the end of week two. Hopefully they will be positive!

Week 1

My wife has done well this week in keeping to her schedule of taking the doTERRA TrimShake each morning in replacement of breakfast.  Of course, it’s easier to stay committed during the first few days or even weeks, but even so, I can report that she took the shake each day as planned.  On the last day of the week, she actually took the shake twice – the second time being instead of dinner/tea because she felt that she had eaten a little too much for lunch and during the day.

My wife is currently taking the Vanilla flavoured shake, and she actually likes it. I say that as a slight surprise, because I tasted it, and didn’t find it to be too great. For me, it’s bearable, but for my wife, it’s enjoyable. Guess that’s a bonus!! We also have the Chocolate flavoured shake, but as yet, my wife has not tried that one.

I did mention previously that we are not counting calories or points, and not following a ‘strict diet’ as such.  A couple of days into the diet for example, I served my wife and I a ‘fry up’ (sausages, bacon, eggs, beans..), because I’m clearly very supportive of her efforts!! All in all though, she is cutting back on what she would normally eat – so I can now eat the ice cream all by myself.

Essential Oils

I also mentioned previously that the plan would be for my wife to take essential oils daily via capsules. However during week 1, my wife did not take any – as I was waiting for a couple of them to arrive through an order. I have now mixed them together (according to my best estimates), and my wife began taking the blend yesterday, which was of course the 1st day of the 2nd week.  I’ll report back on the use of these oils at the end of week 2, and we’ll see if they have helped to boost her weight loss efforts.

So to be clear, throughout week 1, my wife only took the doTERRA TrimShake.