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Week 2 of the diet has ended, and when my wife weighed in yesterday morning, she was pleased with herself again. At the end of week 1, my wife weighed 226 lbs, having lost 5 lbs during the week, and week 2 has reaped the same reward: another 5 lbs down in weight!

So two weeks of the diet have passed, and my wife has lost 10 lbs. I think the signs are very good here, and my wife is very pleased that her efforts are being rewarded. I’m not expecting each week to continue at this fantastic ‘5 lbs deduction rate’.. in fact, I fully expect some weeks to go completely wrong and find that the loss was none at all, or that the weight has increased. Should that happen, I’m sure I will (rightfully) get the blame.

Bad husband (?)

I mentioned my wife’s effort to lose weight elsewhere on the internet, and to my surprise, I found that I was being criticised. Some individuals wrongly assumed that I was ‘pushing’ my wife to lose weight (against her will), and that is simply not the case.  My wife is very keen to take control of her body, and is fully motivated.  I’m merely helping her and blogging about her efforts.

I mention that now, because I want to be clear to anyone who reads this blog. I am fully supportive of my wife and always have been.

Supporting my wife.. to eat junk !!

Her biggest problem with managing her weight has come through me – and this is why I expect to get the blame should things not go to plan. I have a sweet tooth, and being the loving husband that I am (ha! ha!) I feel it is my duty to share my enjoyment with my wife. The only problem is, I have a high metabolism and cannot put on weight no matter how hard I try, where as my wife.. doesn’t.

Last night for example, I made strawberry milkshake (with delicious Carte D’or Strawberry Ice Cream).  The Ice Cream had been in the freezer for a couple of days, and every time I felt like eating some, I thought to myself.. my wife is on a diet, that’s just unfair for me to eat it myself. So hearing the news that she had lost weight, I took the opportunity (excuse) to say that we should celebrate, by enjoying milkshakes together! (so we did)


For the record, I’d like to make clear that my wife is breastfeeding our baby. Why do I say this? Because there are some who say that breastfeeding itself will ensure that the Mother loses weight. Some people insist that they lost all their unwanted weight through breastfeeding, and my response to them is ‘fantastic! I’m glad that your body has responded in that way.. however, it doesn’t work for everyone’.

This is our 3rd baby, and the other two were breastfed. Unfortunately, the weight did not disappear. So whilst some Mother’s may find that all they need to do is breastfeed their baby, and they’ll be slimmed down again, I think it wrong to attribute the weight loss that my wife has enjoyed over these first 2 weeks of the diet to be solely due to that.

I believe that it is a contributory factor, but I would attribute most of the weight loss to her efforts and the supplements that she is taking into her body to help. As always, my postings are genuine and honest, and were my wife to have found that breastfeeding had successfully enabled her to lose weight, I would say so. In fact, were that the case, she wouldn’t be on a diet at all.

Essential Oils

I mentioned in the week 1 review that my wife would start to take essential oils internally (via a capsule) to see if this would help with her weight loss efforts. I also mentioned that I would blend four essential oils together.

I chose to make the following formula which I tried to base on the doTERRA ‘Slim and Sassy’ blend:

10 drops Grapefruit
7 drops Lemon
5 drops Ginger
3 drops Cinnamon
To be clear, this is a personal estimation (not a ‘recipe’ per se). I will blog about the individual essential oils and why they are recommended for weight loss, separately at a later date.

In review of the past week, I have to say.. I failed. I was responsible for preparing the oils in the capsules each day, and out of the 7 days, I completely forgot to do so on 3 days. Wow! I will try to do better throughout this 3rd week.