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These weeks are beginning to go by quickly, although I’m not sure my wife feels the same way! If I had to give up all the sweet things I love, I know I wouldn’t be happy. It’d be a real struggle for me. However, my wife continues to do well.. and this week, she lost a further 3 lbs. That’s 3 weeks.. and 13 lbs gone. So close to a stone!!

Week Review

I know my wife was positively surprised with her weight loss when she weighed in yesterday morning, and also a little disappointed. She knows that this hasn’t been a good week, and she knows she hasn’t kept to the diet as much as she had in the previous two weeks – she keeps telling me.

This week, she’s faced a couple of disappointing moments (not diet related), and she has told me that she has let the diet slip a little, as she’s found comfort in eating more again. With that being the case, my wife wasn’t sure that she’d actually lose any weight this week at all – so 3 lbs is great! Yet, having seen the 3 lbs, she was hoping that it had been more.

I made the point last week, that it would be unrealistic to expect to consistently lose 5 lbs or more a week. I asked my wife what was her goal when she started, and she said she wanted to lose a stone in weight within the 1st month. I reminded her that she is on track.. (one pound to go!) and her weight loss is going well; far better than I had expected.

Essential Oils

I have been consistent in updating this diary each Friday, but I have been awful at preparing the essential oils that may help my wife. After 2 days of forgetting to do so, I gave up. Wow – good job I’m not the one on the diet!!

I thought that I would start from a fresh week.. but come to think of it, we are on the second day of the ‘fresh week’ and I haven’t prepared the oils yet again. So, next weeks report won’t be great either.

However, I’ll try to renew my focus and get more consistent. Once my wife is taking the oil blend consistently, I’ll be in a better position to say whether or not I feel they have helped. My apologies again!!