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This blog entry is directed to distributors of Young Living – a major essential oils company, and competitor of doTERRA. It is an invitation, not a criticism. There are indeed many blogs which attack one or the other, however this is not written in that manner.

From the outset, I will say that from my understanding of Young Living, there is an awful lot that I respect about the company. I am a distributor for doTERRA, and doTERRA was founded in the style of Young Living, with an awful lot of similarities, and simply put, without Young Living there would be no doTERRA.

However, as the two companies are now competing for the same market, the purpose of this blog entry is to invite distributors of Young Living to make the switch, and join up with doTERRA instead. 

Why make the switch to doTERRA?

Sustained Growth

doTERRA has been in operation for just over 4 years, and throughout that time, it’s growth has exceeded all expectations as both the number of product sales, and the number of distributors that have signed up have been incredible.

Official figures are kept quiet, however, the following words from Dr Robert Pappas (founder of Essential Oils University – http://essentialoils.org/about/dr-p) are very interesting:

I recently received word from an inside source that YL is really hurting and last month doTerra surpassed YL in sales. This was a shocker to me. Not to mention that from what I heard from people who were at this latest YL convention, they only had around 2500 people and doTerra is expecting at least 7000 at theirs in October. This is really quite astounding growth and I had no idea such a thing could happen so fast, but apparently a lot of reps saw the handwriting on the wall and jumped ship.

Now, this is merely the opinion of Dr Pappas, and indeed he may be wrong. However, he is a very established, knowledgeable man in the essential oils world, and I’m sure he does have contacts within Young Living, as I know he has been involved with the company as an independent authority to test the quality of their oils.

For Dr Pappas to make the above comment, I believe there is a certain level of credibility – as he’s independent of both companies, and not in the business of just spreading rumours.

If it is indeed true, the words expressed by Dr Pappas are very significant. For doTERRA to have exceeded the level of sales of Young Living in just four years, that demonstrates a very real growth. That growth is not slowing either.

Quality of Oils and Products

I appreciate this issue is highly debatable throughout the essential oils world – not just between doTERRA and Young Living. All companies are proud of the quality of the essential oils they sell, however, I know doTERRA and Young Living are in a strong position with the amount of testing that they guarantee for their products.

At doTERRA, we do claim to have the highest quality oils in the world. Can I prove it to you? Not a chance. However, I would say that the growth of the company itself indicates the quality of the products they sell, and also, there are many institutions, companies and professionals who are using doTERRA throughout the world.


There are some who have signed up with doTERRA and Young Living because of their love for essential oils. The ‘compensation’ and ‘business’ side is not relevant. It is not of interest to them.

I on the other hand am quite the opposite, and I’m not afraid to say it. Before I heard of doTERRA, I knew nothing about essential oils. However, having heard of the quality of product, the potential for market, and the exceptional growth and compensation plan, I was keen to sign up so that I could bring a share of that to my family.

If you are reading this, and you are keen to earn an income through the essential oils market, I’d like you to take serious consideration of the compensation plans:

doTERRA – http://www.doterra.com/tools/documents/CompPlan.pdf

Young Living – http://www.youngliving.us/pdfs/comp_plan.pdf

I’ll leave you to evaluate the two and make up your own mind, however, I would just like to point out a clear difference between the two plans, and that is that with Young Living, the commissions throughout the levels remain consistent on the most part, whereas with doTERRA, the commissions start out low on the first levels, and increase as the levels increase.

Whilst I appreciate that a switch from Young Living to doTERRA would mean a sudden drop in income as you’d be leaving a company with whom you are quite deep, and starting out ‘new’ with doTERRA. However, should you switch over, and then bring your teams with you, it would not be long before you were earning the higher commissions again. Plus, you’d take advantage of all the start-up bonuses (e.g. Fast Start Bonus) as you sign up your team.

You may find out that in no time, you’ll be earning more with doTERRA – especially with the continued growth of the company. However, that’s a decision that only you can make.

Now is the time

doTERRA increased sales by 2000% from November 2008 to November 2009, and has continued that exceptional growth. As above, rumour has it that doTERRA is now selling and growing at a rate that exceeds Young Living.

There are many Young Living distributors who are jumping ship, and I make the bold invitation for you to do the same.

These are exciting times for doTERRA, and there is a huge potential for growth to continue, as illustrated below:

If you are interested in joining doTERRA, please get in contact. Either email me – dholden@essentialoils.im – for more information, or go straight to my doTERRA distributor site (www.mydoterra.com/dholden) – and sign up here.

I will provide you with the support and all you need to build up through doTERRA.