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Yesterday morning when my wife went to officially weigh in, she did so at the end of the first month of her diet. A much lower loss of weight occurred during this past week, but at least it was still a loss – 1 pound !! Despite the sudden slow down in weight loss though, overall, with one month of her diet now complete, my wife has officially lost 1 stone in weight. 

Week Review

Looking back on this week, I’m not sure exactly what has caused the weight loss rate to slow down – although I’m fully aware that not every week will be rewarded with success. There is a natural process at work, and through dieting, it is common for an individual to flow through surges and plateaus; highs and lows.

My wife does feel that she ate more during the week than she feels comfortable with, and noted that during the week, she felt far hungrier. I think it could be a collection of these points and the natural elements combining against her.

The positive is of course that there was still a loss – albeit 1 pound only. I think it’s important for an individual to see positives as often as possible throughout a diet. Dieting is not easy, and it can be easy to stray from targets and commitments if an individual feels like they are not achieving. It’s not exactly rewarding if at the end of the week the individual goes to weigh in, and finds that he has actually increased his weight – despite his efforts!! So I’m glad that my wife is able to tick another pound off! Also, she has met her goal of losing a weight within 4 weeks – as she lost exactly that.

Essential Oils

Here is my poor apology again.. I was rubbish. Not one day did I prepare the oils for my wife!! Well, that changes from now… the oils are ready for the capsules, and into the new week, my wife has been taking them as planned.

Hopefully… these oils will help with the weight loss during the week ?! We’ll soon find out!

End of week 4.. and my wife is now 15 and a half stone. Really happy for her!