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Bit late providing this update! I have officially become slack with the diet.. but my wife is staying strong, and through week 5, she has lost another 2 lbs.

In all, 5 weeks have passed by, and she has lost 16 lbs.

Week Review

In terms of the diet, I think my wife has kept everything flowing well. Food intake has remained low-ish (remember, she is not following a ‘strict diet’ or calorie counting) and she has taken the doTERRA TrimShake each day. I recall on a couple of days, she actually drank it twice a day.

Regarding the rate of weight loss, I feel that her body is showing some reluctance, and that she is now dealing with the stubborn fat. The first two weeks, she lost 5 lbs a week, and now, we are looking at 2 lbs average. The main thing is that she continues to lose the weight (even if it’s just the one pound a week) and slowly, these will build up. I’m no expert on weight loss (though I do profess do be an expert on eating junk food and maintaining my own weight of 140 lbs!), but I expect that as the diet continues, we will see some fluctuations in the results. I fully expect that we will meet a week or two without any weight loss (ever the optimist I am!) however, I also imagine that my wife will find that with some weeks, she may spike up in the weight loss again.

Considering that my wife built up her weight through pregnancies (the dreaded ‘baby-fat’) and intensive life saving steroids following tuberculous meningitis, we know that it is not going to be easy for her to lose the weight. This kind of weight is not easy to beat.

Despite that however, we are very happy with her progress, and my wife is determined to lose each week.

Essential Oils

I can now say that in addition to the TrimShake, my wife is taking essential oils on a daily basis. Due in part to my own slacking off (I’ve now made up the blend and left it to my wife to fill the capsules and take one 3 times a day), my wife is doing far better with the intake.

With one week gone, it’s hard to say whether these have contributed to her weight loss.