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We are now a month and a half into the diet, and at the end of week 6, my wife lost another 2 lbs. Still slow, but still losing, and it all adds up! When my wife began the diet only 6 weeks ago, she weighed in at 16 1/2 stone, however, she is now just over 15 stone – 213 lbs to be precise.

Six weeks gone.. and 18 lbs down! Well done my wife.

Week Review

I have very little to record this week. As with the week 5 update, my wife has consistently taken the doTERRA TrimShake each day, and has been regular in taking the essential oils in the capsules (3 times a day). I also acknowledged that since I have taken a step back and left it to her to do, she does a much better job!

Her target is to get down to 15 stone by the end of this week.. so, come next Friday, I’ll update you and let you know whether she has been successful! To achieve that she will however have to lose 3 lbs.. though recent weeks have seen her lose 1 or 2 lbs.

Just yesterday we agreed that since it is now 3 months since our baby was born through cesarean section, and that my wife’s body is healing very well (extremely so in comparison to the last time when it became infected..!) my wife will be able to begin doing some light exercise soon.