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As an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) for doTERRA, I’ve naturally had an awful lot of questions come to mind about the company whose products I retail. I’m a sceptical person, and I’m not afraid to question those in authority. Through this blog entry, I want to explore the question of trust.

Who to Trust?

With the Internet available in most homes throughout the More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC) – I’m told that it the ‘proper’ way to call them – the Internet has become the ultimate way to share news, a message, a product and market. It is quick and it is powerful. High on the agenda of any internet marketer will be social media, as in recent years, it has demonstrated its vast ability to reach out and sell.

The internet is great, a marvellous modern tool; but one downside that I have noticed is how it has deteriorated the element of trust. With so much information being made available to us, and so easily, it is hard to know who is telling the truth, and who we can trust.  We are well aware of ‘scams’ and are encouraged to be wary that if something sounds “too good to be true” – then RUN!!

When I first heard of doTERRA, I immediately (being sceptical me) went online to see what I could find. Yes, I typed “doterra scam” into the search engine, and quickly found many articles insisting it was. Why did I search that? Because doTERRA sounds “too good to be true”.

Through my searches I found many claims made about doTERRA corporate, and the doTERRA founders. People attacked their integrity, their stories, the products… on and on! I found myself thinking, “how can I know who is telling the truth?”. Of course, I looked at both sides of the story, so I came across many positive articles and blogs too.. but again, it wasn’t clear who I could trust.

Ultimately, I would never be able to know for sure. I couldn’t travel to the corporate headquarters and interview each doTERRA founder to assess their credibility. Even then, how would I know if they were lying to my face? I couldn’t also test each of their oils for myself, as in honesty, I’m pretty poor at chemistry.. so I have to trust in other people.

Can we trust doTERRA?

I recently discussed a query with Dr Robert Pappas (an independent expert in essential oils) regarding whether or not a certain species of the Frankincense tree grows in Oman. His comments to me reiterated the “trust” issue:

I am relying on what producers tell me because I have never been to Oman. Few people will ever go to Oman. Anyone making the claim that their oil is coming from Oman is relying on their supplier. Anyone who claims they have been to Oman could be lying to you as well. In the end it all just boils down to who you trust. Between the two companies that you are concerned with, who has established themselves as credible and who has been proven to be not so credible in multiple instances?

He’s right. When assessing whether or not you can trust doTERRA, you need to look at what they have said, what they have done, and what they are striving to do.

I mentioned above, that I cannot interview each doTERRA founder, so ultimately I have to place my trust in something or someone else. In this regard, I want to share further comments from Dr Robert Pappas. As an independent expert, I felt that if he had something positive to say about doTERRA, then I could believe him. He has nothing to gain from doing so, and has his own reputation at stake.

Robert has first hand experience with doTERRA, and has spent many hours and days on a personal level with doTERRA founders – having conducted trainings with them to doTERRA IPCs. Here is what he had to say about David Stirling, President of doTERRA:

What I can tell you is this, the extent to which ———– has done to damage to my impression of the MLM model, David Stirling and my interactions with him has really turned me around to such a degree that I am now back to neutral on the whole subject, and that is saying quite a lot. ———– and David Stirling are just about as polar opposite as you can possibly get. Dave Stirling has more integrity than just about anyone in business that I know. Not only that but he is a genuinely nice guy. He is the type of guy that you want you daughter to marry, I can’t think of any higher compliment than that.

(I have taken out the name of the other person that Robert is comparing David to)

I am personally very impressed with this glowing reference of David Stirling by Robert Pappas. I trust Robert’s opinion here.

I can tell you from experience, doTERRA is certainly not a scam. It is a very genuine company, and it is rapidly growing. From all my personal research, I have found that doTERRA are striving to do everything the right way. There are things that I do not like about the company (more to do with marketing issues) but these do not relate to the element of trust.

I have found doTERRA to be trustworthy. I am confident that you will too.