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Yeah okay, I didn’t get around to writing up a blog post last week to review week 7. I’m even a little late with week 8, but here we go.. at the end of week 8 my wife is down to *drumroll* 15 stone and 1 pound (211 lbs)! Very slightly above her target of 15 stone.. but doing well.

Eight weeks gone.. and in that time, she has lost 20 lbs. 

Week 7 & 8 Review

If you have read my week 6 review, you will see that my wife has dropped 2 lbs over the last 2 weeks. As it happens, she met the average there, and she lost 1 lb in each week.

Having made a fast start, the rate of the weight loss has certainly slowed down. Many people who endure the struggles of a diet hit a plateau stage, and I think we are there. The plateau is not the end, but a temporary stalling of the body’s weight loss drive – almost as if the body is saying, “this looks a nice spot, we will set up camp here”.  I recently read an experience of a man who had lost 27 pounds, and he recounted the following:

I’ve dropped 27 pounds doing just the slim and sassy and the trim shake for breakfast (as a general rule). truthfully, i haven’t really modified my diet either. rib eyes, beef ribs, french toast with “fat sauce,” multiple little candy bars, snacks, chips, etc … and the weight still comes off.

I hit a plateau for a few months where I didn’t drop anything, but then starting at the beginning of april, it just started pouring off. The vast majority of the weight loss has occurred since the first week in april. so, technically 5 months, but really, nothing dramatic between december and april.

The key now is to get beyond the plateau! Before I go into how we plan to do that, I think it’s important for me to relay some information to you:

When pregnant, my wife’s blood sugars become affected, and she becomes diabetic – “gestational diabetes”. Normally, her body quickly gets back to normal following the birth, but at present, she has continued to struggle with high blood sugars in the mornings.

A couple of days ago, she went to the diabetic clinic for a check-up, and they were very happy with her weight loss (when they first weighed her in June, they recorded her weight as 16 stone, and just the other day, on their scales, she is 15 stone). Having reviewed her blood sugars and weight loss, they have opinionated that her metabolism is not functioning well. That makes her current weight loss all the more impressive!!

The Plan

We are a little into the new week already so the next week review may not reveal if this works, but from now on, we will see if we can get beyond this plateau by boosting the diet with the following:

  • Exercise – 8 weeks in, and my wife has not been exercising. Some of you may be surprised by that.. but it’s true. It’s about time we gave the diet an exercise driven spurt!! (not a major drill.. but just a little)
  • Cut down on food intake – my wife has said that she hasn’t been reducing her intake like she did in the first few weeks. Something that she will work on.
  • Applying the essential oil mix onto the body e.g. over the Kidney
  • Regularly drinking water with Lemon essential oil (which is great at breaking down the fat and cleansing toxins from cells)

So, look forward to the next few weeks, and we’ll see if we can up the weight loss rate again! – 20 lbs down is impressive, but my wife knows she can lose more!