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Wow. I’m getting way behind on my ‘weekly’ reporting. I’m having to combine 3 weeks worth here, and I think going forward, I’ll continue to report in a similar manner. Perhaps monthly, or every few weeks, if I have something in particular to share.

At the end of week 11, my wife is now down to 14 stone 11 pounds! Hoorah! In total, she has now lost 24 lbs! That’s pretty close to 2 stone!

Week Review’s (combined)

I don’t have a lot to report back on. My wife has continued at her current fairly ‘slow’ weight loss pace, however, a loss is a loss is a loss (!) and we are impressed with the progress that she has made. Being a little greedy, we hope for more!

Looking at the three weeks, there is little of particular note that sticks out, however, what I should make clear is that since my last report in which I set out a new plan… well.. we haven’t followed it! I know.. pretty poor huh? My wife hasn’t exercised, and I haven’t been supportive in encouraging her with the oils.

So, that probably explains why the weight loss has continued at the same pace! Having taken three weeks to get to the point of realising that we really do need to stick to the plan, we are keen to give it a proper go again! I’ll report back on progress and if the plan helps to give the weight loss a good kick!

Round Up

Just summing things up a little.. I think the progress is fantastic. My wife is eager to get down to 12 stone and so, in her mind, she could be doing better than she is, but looking at the success, it is clear that her body has responded well.

There are many things that we could have done to improve the diet, and if we were more serious, my wife could have stuck to a strict diet, counted the calories and worked out a lot. But, as she has done none of those things, and has yet found good results, it’s all the more impressive.