When I began this blog a number of years ago, I said that at all times I would be open and honest in my postings with respect to dōTERRA.

Since I last posted, I have had a lot going on in my personal life which has preoccupied my attentions. As it is, I have had little time to focus on sharing dōTERRA at all and consequently I haven’t posted anything here, nor have I given the blog any attention at all.

I was therefore surprised to recently receive contact from dōTERRA’s legal team to claim that my blog is not compliant. Apparently.. I make claims that dōTERRA is like a medicine! Ridiculous.

It transpires that company policy has changed and the interpretation and enforcement of the changes has gone way over the top.

When I enrolled as a member, all the ‘big guns’ in dōTERRA (including the company founders) continually advised people to use the essential oils with ailments. Not as a medicine, but to give relief. I have since echoed those sentiments in this blog..

Check out this video for example:

dōTERRA have requested that I edit posts or remove them. Thing is, the guidance is very poor and if taken literally, it will mean that no dōTERRA member will be able to share the oils at all. I guess it is this reason why very few actually follow the guidance. It is not practical.

Simple google searches show that large and significant dōTERRA member blogs and websites make far more serious and blatant claims that anything I have said here. They still do. Try it yourself, and you will find them. I therefore conclude that it is easy for the dōTERRA legal team to find them too.

I strongly doubt that anything will happen to them. It doesn’t work like that. It never has. The big dōTERRA earners are permitted to carry on as they are. I could give examples.. but I won’t do so here.

I am massively disappointed that my blog has been targeted for very, very minor issues, while I know that others are permitted to continue.

dōTERRA is a fantastic company with fantastic products. Sadly however, as the company has expanded, things have not always gone to plan, and double standards arise in their treatment of their members.