About Me

Wow.. how original!  – an ‘about me’ page. Who really cares? Well, if you’re reading this, perhaps you do? – at least, you wanted a quick skeet.

I live on the Isle of Man, and I’m a Manxman.  I’ve been living here my whole life (excluding a 2 year mission for my church, in which time I lived in various areas through London, and across East Anglia).

I’m a family man!  I’m married, and we have three lovely, healthy boys.  My wife is from Nigeria and I enjoy how her culture and life experience benefits myself as a person, and the lives of our children. She is a true Nigerian! and she misses her home, family and culture. That’s natural of course…

I have a great love of African culture (Nigerian culture in particular of course), and before our children were born, I had a definite intention that our children should learn their heritage, and appreciate it.  On that basis, I decided that our children should take Nigerian names, and the kind that cannot be mistaken for English (in terms of pronunciation).

Our eldest boy is called Wengitari.  We call him ‘Tari’ for short.  His name is taken from my wife’s tribe dialect, and it means “God’s love” or alternatively “the love of God”.  He is 5 years old.

Our second – little – boy is called Wengiwomoemi.  We call him ‘Womo’ for short.  His name means “God is with us”.  He is 3 years old.

Our youngest boy is called Ayibapreye. We call him ‘Preye’ for short. His name means “God’s gift”. Curiously, Ayiba and Wengi both mean ‘God’ but are from separate dialects within the Ijaw tribe.  Preye is 3 months old.

You see, in giving the names we have, we have ensured that they will recognise their heritage, but also, their names reflect our own faith in God that we hope they will adhere to throughout their lives.

Most of my time is spent at home with my family, although I am also kept busy with my church responsibilities.  In my spare time I like to DJ, and you can see more of that through my ‘Dj Dan’ page, and my comments throughout this blog.  I am – more historically – a more than adequate chess player!  I used to be able to win competitions here on the island, but I’ve since given up the competitive side of the game as it just takes too much time!!


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