Dj Dan

I love to dj, and I’ll happily take this opportunity to share my dj mixes with you!

In terms of music genre, I have always been heavily into Trance! (dance music) I love it! I first started throwing mixes together when I was 16 – 1999 –  and within the dance music scene, this was emphatically named “the year of trance”!  Trance took the genre by storm, and as a distinct, recognised sound, it dominated the club scene! I think this helped it become the genre of choice for me.

I don’t have the time to follow trance music so much anymore… but from time to time, I love to pick out some ‘trance classics’ and mix them up!  I’ll be sharing them with you!

More recently I’ve adapted myself to the music of the masses… chart music.  Not that I’m into ‘chart music’ per se, but I’ve taken my djing talent to mix together some of the biggest, current tunes (2010/2011), and I’ll be sharing them also!

I hope you take the time to listen to my mixes.  I’m sure that if you like the ‘type’ of music on offer, you will love the mix! Enjoy!


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