Essential Oils

I am what they call an Independent Product Consultant for an essential oils company called dōTERRA. That’s my title.. but let it not fool you.. I’m a beginner with essential oils!

I’ll be taking the opportunity throughout my blog to update you on my experiences with the essential oils (I’m my own Guinea Pig!), along with experiences of others and news (including promotions) about the oils from dōTERRA.

As a ‘Independent Product Consultant’ (IPC), I am authorised to retail the company’s products.  I am not however ’employed’ by them.

dōTERRA set themselves apart from the regular ‘essential oils’ companies by having their oils independently tested for purity through both gas chromatography and mass spectrometry! They called this level of purity “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” (CTPG) in recognition of this high standard.  Every batch of oils are tested, and any that fail the tests are rejected.

My comments will be my own opinion! – and I’m a genuine, honest guy – so don’t be surprised if not everything I say is 100% positive i.e. “it works! it works! buy now!!!”… I say it how it is!  I have interest in the products.. I retail them.. but I’m not afraid to give you an open and frank review of any of their products – even if that means telling you, “it didn’t work for me”.

That’s just it with the oils.. everyone’s body responds differently.  One particular oil may work wonders with one person, and another person may not quite experience the same result, with the same oil!

Feel free to take a closer look at the products available through  the following:

Any queries?? simply get in touch with me via my email…











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